i am not the only one who is wondering.

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The Nature of The Allmighty

Saturday, 17. December 2005, 11:19:32
Research shows, that more than 80% of the World´s population

believes in God. I have noticed, though, that amongst those 80%

there is a considerable dispute over the nature of God. Seems like

God has different appearences to different people 😉

Well, I am amongst those 80%. There, I said it. I am a believer!

Believe it or not.

It´s been like that all of my life on this planet. I have always believed

in God. But as most other believers I have had my doubts. You may

even say that I have doubted God´s existence at different times in my

life. But now I have become so old that I seem to start looking at my

life in retrospect more and more, and it occurred to me recently that

when I have had religious crisis, it has been at the exact same times

when I had to realise that I was not God myself, meaning that I

realised that I could not control my own life. In other words I have

doubted His existence at times when he appeared to be stronger than


Well, isn´t that odd?

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my comment:
yes that is odd… let's go deeper then. why stop there?
is there any escape from god's merciless game with me?
might i not have an aim which corresponds to the 'plan'?
if i really have choice, or pure freedom, if you will,what can i

change? what in other words is my highest possibility that doesn't

conflict with the 'laws of the universe'?