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the question of life after death was impartially surveyed by barbara walters tonight. very interesting.
one of the last statements made on the show which aired on the west coast from nine to eleven p.m. was that of people surveyed, 90% believe in life after death.10% definitly refute it as a soporificism of religions.
honestly i don't know how anyone can know that heaven exists or that we transmigrate as souls.
are we such babies that we choose to believe these fantastic ideas for their comfort value alone? or as some near death experiencers claim, it exists because i was there and came back.therefore i believe. people of religious fervor rely on faith in their religions especially faith in god. and the tibetan buddhists (walters interviewed the dalai lama on the subject of heaven and hell.) say that we keep coming back in varying forms depending on how we behave in this lifetime. he's been the compassionate buddha 14 times and denied that he was enlightened.

some scientists said that these near death experiences are simply dying brain hallucinations. i've had hallucinations that i believed so that makes sense to me. but i really do not know. i'm not an atheist. just a 'doubting thomas' i need verification. also i don't think it really matters to me. i will still behave according to my conscience and conditioned integrity.

one thing was interesting to me… that the near death believers in life after death hadn't gone to hell. not a single one of them had an experience of hell when they were dead. what's that mean?

enough… what do you think? oh ye denizens of opera.

also, while i'm here i just want to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. http://my.opera.com/I_ArtMan/homes/albums/22840/Nativity12.jpg]for a larger picture click link.[/URL]