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i predict a bloody chaos for the u.s. unless we manage incomes better. moveon.org sent me an e-mail today requesting my thoughts on the political front today.
so i'm just sharing my answer with opera readers.

i've written two letters to newspapers to help so far… and will write

again whenever the issue interests me.

i think you should move on cutting taxes to underpaid workers and

socialize medicine as in england.

and of course tax the rich much more.
and take some money from the oil companies to feed and house the

poor and homeless. ok?

let's hear which up and coming presidential hopefuls are humanists.

and who are the senators and representatives in congress who are for

rolling back the damage bush has done.

thankyou for the work you are doing… i am an artist and have been

discouraged by the impossibility of affecting our government at


you give me a little hope.

we don't need a bloody revolution, we need a turnover like farmers do

to regenerate depleted fields.
i predict that if the poor…. especially the hardworking poor don't

experience an improvement in their standard of living, there will be

an angry revolution and a lot of unnecessary chaos like the french

revolution. 'the terror'

can't the rich give a little back? what shall we call that? parity of

our greedy economy will be our downfall.