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otherwise intelligent ladies who giggle at nudity
expose the underbelly of empty being and shallow attention
the ugliness of skinny unctious bitter old men
friendly seeming but caustic in effect.

here comes the classic rock and folk singer begging
for tips from the lunch crowd at the waterfront cafe with
barbed solicitations and badly disguised hatred.
the never-was trying to pass himself of as a real has-been.
only he knows how he missed the boat but still he blames the world.

i see a slew of halflings with stories,
who look like they didn't know what hit them
like cartoon characters all agog after being bopped on the head
they've lost their connection and maybe it takes a miracle
to bring them back to the pursuit of happiness… the grossly disillusioned.

but there's more complacent grinning idiots than anything
the army of the clueless, god bless them.
odd… the catholics laugh at nudity, the muslims are angry, the jews look away bored,or in disgust
and the pure protestants are afraid their children will be poisoned by it.
the only people who love my work are the poor and other artists.