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now i am really in the thick of it. i'm in the mix. right by muscle beach where our unlikely governor worked out when he first arrived in "caulifornia", el centro on the venice boardwalk.

this is where almost naked black atlases stand on their hands at the top of poles balanced on the seat of a unicycle, haitian voodoo ladies walk on broken glass and the guy who makes pictures with pennies.

i'm right across from 'cool runnings' which is blasting jamaican reggae which of course i have pleasant childhood memories for.

i've got almost all my guns: about twenty framed prints, three original illustrations from "japanese love poems" the three latest oil paintings, 'collateral damage', 'tuscan still life' and 'goat island', next week i'll add the 2'x4' self-portrait.

i have a portfolio of the 'jaimie series' of watercolors on full sheets of etching paper… two are framed under glass. one glass broke last week when a poor chinese garbage picker knocked it over. it made a nice SPLAT and tinkling sounds. you knew it was broken. i couldn't control my anger and came down on him pretty heavy. then i felt sorry for the poor guy… no english, so i smiled and did a namaste he might understand… o.k., it's 11:11…. let's see….

end of day. no sales.

i will go down, everyday

i will go down everyday
to where the people parade
longing to be seen
wanting to feel desire

i and they wishing
in each solitary skull
for the power of nature
to upset the broken cart

we will conspire
with our instincts
to rise out of the darkness hiding
to rise out of the cage of social constraint

i want nothing for myself
that is transitory
i desire for us nothing
but the release from detail
poof! i blow on my chains, and they are gone
then i purse my magic mouth over your chains
but you stop me
you admit freely that you are afraid of liberty.