dear and feeling-some lady, no i don't have a regular job…. nor do i wish for one unless they paid me umpteen dollars. i am however doing community service of 29 hours to avoid paying a fine ($30) for an infraction… i.e. driving with an expired new york licence;

you should hear my diatribe on the government taxing us to death with things like driver's licence renewal fees… and who can live without driving?

i hardly make any money on the venice boardwalk but it's very entertaining and i can work there. read write paint meet friends.meet the world even. tourists come from all over the world to see this perpetual carnival of mountebanks fortune-tellers minstrels and artists; not to mention the fascinating array of homeless independents and madmen of every description.

i know my destiny now. it's to record all this humanity just as lautrec covered the brothels of montmartre and degas immortalized ballet schools. it's very exciting and i am so enthusiastic i could burst sometimes.

every now and then i sell an original and that is always a big boost even though my prices are as astoundly cheap as the impressionists were when they were just starting out. but i make my cigarette and gas money just doing one or two pencil portraits a day.

this pretty girl danced for half an our while my friend bill and i clicked away with our digital cameras.