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i had a few months of stormy seas and confusion, homelessness, despair etc., but i hung in and with help from my many good friends i am back in business journaling again. pheeewwhh! …. i'm getting too old for this doodoo. i am not at this time going to have the energy to journal the misadventures of the saga of the last three months… it has been interesting and even fascinating and unbelievable at times with many dreary nights sitting upright in my jalopy full of paintings and supplies… like a long lonely plane ride, where all you crave is to lie flat.
more tomorrow.

meanwhile tomorrow will be a day off from my post on the venice beach boardwalk, or, you could say my outdoor studio in the thick of swarming humanity and sunny california beauty.
i'm going to the sober musicians picnic tomorrow with jill and mary. they insist that i go and have a nice day with no stress. today i made no money and tomorrow could just as well go the same way, so i'm going to the picnic.

it's good to be back.