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two things people say around here that really get my goat are "it's all good." which has to be said with a whimsical sour face, and "beware of what you wish." which is always best said with an air of impending doom for the wisher.

it's not all good. there is disease and there are wars. there is also a lot of gratuitous lying and deception. there are banana peels to slip on… etc.
so what the hell are they talking about.

the painting is my third anti-war vision weave. it's not my plan to protest the way the world is very often but it's just time for a statement. war is a sickness of the mind caused by a mechanical state of confusion. everyone gets hurt… even the power possessors and the grey perpetrators.

as for wishing… i value the wish idea… kids understand how to wish. i wish people would wish more. a wish is high on the scale of being and maybe even light magic. i wish to be interested in everyone who stops to chat with me when i am hawking my wares on the venice beach boardwalk. which i am reporting about tonight while i know i can afford the time.

this is called the strange one… i sold it last week for $100 on the boardwalk to a very appreciative lady. i painted the 'strange one' 42 years ago. i was glad to see it go to someone who was an artist herself and thought it was a 'great painting' i don't think so , but it is interesting.the strange one.bmp

here is what it looked like last sunday. it's better to stand the paintings up, but i'll get to that.

i painted all weekend because i didn't win the lottery to be included. i'd rather be painting anyway, but i am concerned about paying my friends back as soon as possible. the lottery is a new thing which everyone hates. the interference from local government in what was a freewheeling free speech extravaganza for decades is just another sign of controlling fascist busybodies. oh well.

this is the sketch for my next oil painting. it's a theme i've drawn many times… about time to do it up proper.

k good night:cool:
be cool mes amies

If i described you as a bird
you'd be a dove
and in my mind the song i heard
white sound of love

were you similar to any fish
the angel fish would do
a floating presence some might wish
your gallant heart to woo

and you're as fragile as a doe
demure in dappled sunlit glade
a side of you i've come to know
and love as much as marmalade