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fate is a slippery eel there are some irresistible forces in this universe and they pull levers and turn cogs

exceedingly slow. all we can do is be out there. i'm willing to dance this life, if god will just

continue to provide the music.
i'm happy. i have friends who care, a roof over my head, all the

comforts of 'home' without the headaches and anxieties of ownership.

thanks mostly to my good friend bobby altman, we rescued my jeep from a fate worse than

death… the impound auction. like an old horse, she would have been scrapped and

transformed into shoe glue.

mike van met us at nine a.m., handed me a sealed envelope with $200 and we chatted on the

corner of windward and pacific in venice. alan hubbard would kick in another $200 if he ever

stopped working long enough to appear in person. it was now 30 days since that fateful day in

culver city when the police who 'protect and serve' someone other than me, removed me from

my car just outside starbucks. i emptied the car totally on the sidewalk because i hadn't much

hope of paying the ransom it would be. the jeep was sentenced to 30 days so the ransom would

be exactly $1,064.

bobby stuck with me… devoted his day to getting this done. from motor vehicles for driver's

license application and testing, to insurance certification, then registration had surprises… we

had to pay for the years in my possession that it hadn't been registered. i only had $700 with

mike's contribution, a loan i mean. in the end the total out of pocket for the day was a

whopping $1600 and bobby kept digging deep into his own pocket. i owe him a lot. i painted these three oil paintings trough all of this anxiousness. so maybe what they say about adversity being a stimulus to art is true

it's out of my hands. though i am available for channeling money, but it's just not in the stars

for me. i sold two small prints for $10 each. i manned my display from ten in the morning until eight at night. paid for my parking and gas. profit? met a lot of lovely people and

worked on my tan. lol i finished this tuscan landscape/stilllife today.

so that's all for now…. phew
🙄 🙄 😎