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keep it simple stupid. It boils down to 'what is life?' what is essential? what is necessary and what is not.
how to be direct and by doing less experience more…
by being fearless to expand reality… to push the doors of perception open. the low flying turtle sees the vortex and escapes
to suspend or float the mundane reality my little talking brain insists on and discovers americas in myself by letting go of schemes and scenarios.

cross out half the assumptions, reject all expectations and ignore the limitations of caution.
who will love me if i can't love myself.
and i can only love myself when i am being genuine.

it's simple. 'to thine own self be true.'
if you owe it pay it
if you want it reach out and get it
if what you want requires exertion then mobilize your energy and keep your eye on the ball.
if you're not satisfied then change.
maybe then you'll be happy and that's what you really want. admit it.
that's simplicity. the pursuit of happiness.

this is impossible. how can i keep it simple when life is so complicated? how can i handle so many imponderables in a state of abject ignorance and utter confusion?
life just swirls mercilessly on and i am taken up in the whirlwind vortex of accidents and mistakes.
where is the manual? rtfm = read the fucking manual.
but there's no manual.
maybe life is only complex because i imagine that i can do anything at all. i have this crystallized illusion that i can avoid tragedy, achieve success and manipulate outcomes if i am just smart enough. so if i fail then i say i am stupid and hate myself. i'm worthless.
that's not it. i need a program. i need to follow principles instead of always trying to bend them. i need a program because i am a very complicated person… terminally unique. i need a blueprint which reduces the complexities which i perplex myself with to manageable handles i can grasp with gusto like i mean it.
no more sham… i know i am powerless. i know my life is still unmanageable after all these years.

a solitary turtle flies out of the vortex which sucks.

now i am ready to take the oath of simplicity. like a child is simple and loves life.
that's it.