as soon as i turned the corner, his lights went on and that ill-omened wail of the siren killed me.
i didn't like the way the patrol car was trailing me… in another lane, but following. i tried my cloak of invisibility but it wasn't working and i didn't really think it was necessary to use 'the force'.
i wish i had.
it all started eight years ago at kennedy airport when my wife, jean, with tears in her eyes, set me free.
i was on my way to washington state to take care of my father who, they said had six months to live.
bob was over six feet tall and weighed, when i arrived a shocking 109 lbs.. i fattened him up with three healthy meals a day and tempted him with gourmet dishes. in short, i fattened him up to his normal weight which was 155 lbs.
i lived at my father's beautful log cabin chalet overlooking the puget sound on camano island for a year and a half and then he died.
my three brother's were afraid i was going to cling to the house since my house in pearl river, new york was no longer an option. my wife was very serious…. after 34 years of marriage and four children she pushed me away… forever. but she would always "help me" so i was 'homeless'

while i was driving around in washington i got a few tickets i couldn't pay for driving with an out of state license and one speeding ticket. 45 in a 35 mile an hour zone in concrete at 11:00 p.m., not a car in sight. oh well…

so when i came to los angeles after a couple of years in the cascade mountains, i tried to get a california license but they wouldn't let me because of the washington tickets. that's why my car wasn't registered. you have to have a valid california license to register a car in l.a…. so my father's cadillac was the first casualty of this unlicensed business… now my jeep has been sentenced to thirty days at bruffy's impound. the ransom is $1,165. due next tuesday.

so i have been scurrying around begging… borrowing but not to much avail.

the good news is that a friend took me to the lumber yard and i have five large panels to paint on. two are finished which i am showing here… they were both finished yesterday. next a lovely still life and then an anti-war painting i have sketched an idea for.and this is the first self-portrait in oil i have painted since i was 17… lot's of drawings but no paintings.

so i have been a busy bee… and that's why i haven't been journaling lately… but i have commented here and there and have been reading here and there.

i see these links don't work… but if you want to see the paintings just go to my msn storage. or wait a few days and they'll be added to hungryeyegraphics.com