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i hope this little effort at a love poem isn't too saucy for opera… oh well, go out on a limb… that's where the fruit is.

maidnlace my heart's desire
sitting quiet by the fire.
is she ready just to be?
perhaps she's reading poems to me?
what a wondrous thing to see.
is that a lovely song she sings?
a soothing harmony i hear.
a song of ancient lore, of love?
or christmas cheer? https://i1.wp.com/www.hungryeyegraphics.com/jaime_woodstock.jpg
i turn her gently over
sweetly kiss her maiden ear.
i rub my mouth across her cheek
find her mouth is what i seek.
it's soft and warm and
pressing there with my hot mouth
i taste and feel some moisture there.
'tween lightly parted lips so firmly pressed
and yielding
sweetest nectar blessed.
but oh, there's more to her
than meets the hand or eye or mouth
she has a heart that's wont to cry
but not those all- engulfing tears of sadness no,
she cries for love
and for the awesome force of life
and all it's senses charms delights
to feel remembering
how on happy nights we lay
enamoured of each other's eyes
or summer days with summer skies
far from the shades of dirty lies.
where free from want
we tasted loves eternal pleasures
swallowed whole the ecstacy
of melting one another
in a cataclysmic coitus
felt in every cell and nerve dispelling
any thought of time or cares or woes
and afterward twining fingers through each other's locks
and caressing once again with contented love
we vowed allegiance 'gainst all the world
come what may
we prayed that nothing would dismay
or come between us
and our infinite love