Belly of the beast

street-stained ragamuffin with fractured smile
little flirt making dough
the pain of loveless sex
come hither insistence "wanna go out?"
hoyden stands, cocky arms akimbo
stands lolygagging belly-out shouts "I know you!"
she knows to feed the baby, keep mom in gin
pubescent muff gruffin takes uptown boys back alley ways
and chilled by the prospect elder men hurry, by
read their Baudelaire and cry
squalid , nonetheless enticing to godless men going back to homeless homes
missing what? they wonder https://i0.wp.com/www.hungryeyegraphics.com/Oils/hope.jpg
go to sleep with visions of hairless quims
pubescent whims right hands whirring and quivering limbs
wives turn away sensing discordant the grunting groaning moaning lies
that wavering in immature loneliness leaves them yelping for and forgetting the dead and quiet.
leaves them panting in painful remorse, unfulfilled, retching on jangled mornings
vomit on tie rubbed in clean boardroom washrooms
shaking dirty hands wagging foul-mouthed tales of erstwhile friends on the down and out.
Heaven help the poor bastards wont have a chance in hell.