Oh kelly

Oh kelly that I love, my lady love, my lady fair
She's used the knife which cuts through air
The sharpest blade, the blade of truth
If I were hurt it were uncouth

The guillotine was swift and clean
Hardly a mark could be seen
And with dry eyes I loved her still
But bewildered watched my heart's blood spill

But reason and order kept their grip
as I am the stern commander
of this lonely ship
a frigid wind swept in

no not this test again
oh I have failed again
oh why
did I love again

I searched the sky for a sign
Ignore this bursting breast of mine
And then young warriors' sweet comrades fell
And for a moment I entered hell

At human tragedy I began to cry
Because we all are doomed to die
We're born to love and bound to lose
On oceans wide and boundless cruise

Then the captain strong and tall shouted "hold fast"!
It's just a gust of wind against the mast
Of sturdy English wood it's built and built to last
Let go of love let it go past

So bang the drum we must with might
The ship must go on with the gruesome fight
And life becomes long with the falling of night
And life becomes weary with the dying of the light.