everything seems to happen at once. marauders took over my desktop in an attempt to sell me spyware. norton security 2005 and my firewall, norton antivirus subscription in good standing and updated religiously couldn't stop this trojan.a complete system scan couldn't fix it.
finally, i restored yet again.
spent half the day painting a self-portrait and the other half reloading and configuring all my programs.
i think the fcc is napping and the justice dept doesn't seem to care.
this is criminal behavior and strong arm sales tactics.
not only that but the way my desktop read (which couldn't be changed)properties was disabled,was so insulting about all the trouble i would be in and what if my boss or my wife were to see … all such belittling bullshit.

I am the devil, I am the god

Bottles of courage
beercans of fear
double packs of cigarettes
with death drawing near
a lifetime of sore skin
hot rash, patches of itch
just can't win
ain't it a bitch

A happy enough home, but my wife has left me
or…. I left her. She's nowhere near
she wants me not and that is clear.
My house is on fire
my skin is aflame
the children are hiding
so great is the shame.

There's only one outcome
the devil has done as
he chuckles and bellows

"This one is mine, the fire burns high!"
and capers a jig
clicks his heels and eats a fig
"Where are you now, my minion to be?"

It's his unclean joy that rallys me
my only god
the power to be.

completely amazed, I struggle on
begin again, write a poem
paint the sea
help a friend
and I
be me.