if i survive this life i'll be surprised. you know it's dangerous just being alive. recently i saw a news report about a man killed in his car by a tree. *poof it turned out that he was an old friend of a man i know.


and last night i met a friend who was banged up after falling fifty feet trying to keep a dog from slipping over the cliff. actually, that didn't surprise me so much… he's tried to kill himself many times.

you know, the permanent solution to a temporary problem.


i can't find myself at the end of some dark alley
just as the golden sun is shimmering luscious liquid bands
accross the stepping stones of puddles from last nights rain.
oh! monstrous pain.
oh! body vain.
after all my wandering my fierce meandering
pointless pandering
my deranged senses
pestering blistering peregrinations
oh cease now pain… thou scampering monkey twat!!
i find i'm sane! perhaps i'm not!