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i just don't get it.the news makes war seem so bland.except now and then something sneaks past the bosses.
like when i was watching a report on nbc about afghanistan and caught the look in a ten year old boy's eye when he came to after a land mine accident ripped off both his arms.it made me hate war more than ever before.


there are no spaces in questionaires
to fit in the true story
i look for loopholes where i can express the facts and feelings
there are no men or women with ears and hearts
and intelligence enough to solve the problems of lives.

But i pray that compassion attacks all complacent
sleepwalkeers and agrandizing gurus of the marketplace
so that their tongues burn when they lie
and sleep eludes them
when they've passed a beggar or a pilgrim
without a dollar to spare for their plight.

how do you fill out a form for angry greed
that tears the arms off children
how can you answer for collateral damage of the heartwrenching
realization of the boy who's only ten
who's crying for his arms?
there are no spaces for 'i'm sorry.'
in questionaires redressing war.

where have the men of honor gone?
where is the conscience buried in self-important men?