Cjtagalong sang a song in my ear
As she nestled in my arms
Now there's nothing more to fear
'cause artman's cradled cj's head
bent down to smell her hair
Christmas crackerjacks and snowplows
faintly echoed in the past
by the fire a crackling roasting duck
a pot flowed buttered corn
cold fingers, toes and frozen nose
by warming fire and flames that rose
to melt those precious hands and feet
and bring a rosy glow to lovely cheek
cj sang a song of lovers crossing miles of stormy seas
to a harbor always waiting
and a cottage lined with trees
there's a land where children run in wonder
chasing fireflies in summers dusk
where ancient tribal paths are worn
and evidence of cobbled walls and ancient halls
have crumbled down to dust
a whispered song of happy times and warmer climes
of poets and wanderers come home from shining seas
where venturers have come to rest to harbors snug and cozy nest.

i am feeling a little sad, mostly about how people
hurt so easily. how there's nothing i can do to help
them.how human nature is so irritatingly imperfect.