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limbo moon

a nymph stood laughing on the sands
and beckoned me. Her eyes
were irresistible commands,
I started slowly, then realizing…
a growing madness and began to run,
but with the smoother grace of summer breeze
she also ran
as if her pleasure were the race.
Pursuing her was vanity,
but lured from sense i chased her far….
there would have been more sanity
in seeking rainbows or a star.
At last i dropped, exhausted lay
to watch her stop and turn again
in petulance, as if to say
such games could ne'er be won by men.
Her golden hair thrown back, half wild,
she stood against the setting sun,
the form her mother venus styled
still breathing from the run.
her eyes, so sparkling in her pride,
grew tender in the evening glow,
and when the moon came forth, she sighed, drank deep of cold blue rays
escaped into the night, kidnapped by an angel dark
with chameleon wiles
darkangel predator– cunning interloper
charged with whispering secrets and promiscuous promises
impossible to keep.