"the doorway of light" got me again so i am constrained to thread the needle with a pun.

emily's last post was so ethereal i was inspired and wrote… it seems like hours…
so i will just recite this little poem which expresses my 'legend in my own mind'

it's about my twisted existence as an exquisite vagabond in greenwich village.

i cursed the machines of my age
to their warm homes in vain
i ran naked through their minds
rooting up lies and the image
of a hateful dream
i tripped in my time, baby
in my time fell far and yellow
one soul ran red past an arrogant smile
and a sly bite on a fast moving hypocrite

i spoke my peace, my peace i spoke
a dream of flying
in the blue emerald hyacinth through
smells of honey milk and rose
i dreamed a dream, the dream
i dreamed of you the angel, hark!
the black writhing curls fallen
on the reborn drowned in sky through
eyes with stars glittering
like diamonds in the dark

by the way in case anyone was concerned that i would blow a gasket what with the spiders eating me alive and the web pirates ruining my fun i have an update. and as usual… the laugh is on me.
there i was haranguing comcast to the point of slander and then one day, yesterday to be exact, i was sitting outside by the rocky river chomping on a cigarette and it suddenly hit me.
since no-one at comcast is answering my e-mails, they must think i'm just not worth instructing, that although both computers had the same symptoms it didn't exactly mean that it was my server's problem.
it was my router.
i ran inside and almost killed myself in my haste to unplug the local area network jack out of the router and into the computer directly.
was i happy. the problem was gone.
it's not for nothing that they say

"every real happiness is from some unhappiness also real." Gurdjieff

this bliss should cuddle me for days.