you know we are so hot these days with getting off the earth to saturn's lovely moons, we've devised state of the art means for destroying each other, government is winning at bait and switch and the three shell game.

every field of expertise, every specialization is pushing the envelope to surprising capabilities. globalization is here. one big village.

i bow to the mind of the cosmos in admiration and with awe. still unfathomable and not germaine to our species to cogitate on the level of prime causes. creation reaches a crescendo.
now that i am thoroughly disillusioned as to my potential glory in comparison i can really appreciate what an a+ job the creator has accomplished. never a dull moment. not only that but placed in me is some kind of atomic gyroscope which drives me on in spite of the increasing speed and decreasing gravity. i have to admit that i am not a self-propelling projectile, but powerless essentially.

i'm quite exited now that i have guessed the truth.

i read today that black holes do not destroy information. and i extrapolated that god is simply the most informed being in the universe, and as such, we should trust, not in his infallibility, but in his more seasoned judgement
and probable approach to ultimate objectivity, the highest potential conceivable. the impossible is his forte'