it just goes to prove that there is no truth that is not incontrovertable.

now i am offering the yin and the yang all at once. i'm pasting the message that i wrote a short while ago and sent to as many concerned providers of our surfability and network community. and to compensate for that i am going to upload the most positive poem i can find in my documents by me of course.

letter to anyone
i'm having a lot of trouble. a program i can't uninstall in control panel, has highjacked my browser. i can't keep comcast.net as a homepage….
the search page it sends me to whenever i try to browse is called home search assistent (sp) that's the way they spell it.

i 've been working on this for days… it won't let me go anywhere without action cancelled redirect to their search page. it's so powerful it destroys itself. if i click on the links they offer on this page it brings me right back to their redirect search pages …
norton anti-virus can't find it….

and none of my links to hewlett packard work. and my ftp program won't make a connection to my website provider 1and1.com …. they haven't been able to help me either. my computer is a hp pavillion 764, os windows xp home edition.

i use internet explorer. but i'm about to uninstall that. i signed up for the browser world of Opera. if i kill the microsoft explorer it still doesn't help. the same thing happens in Opera.
please help me.
scott (i_persius)
p.s. i am reporting a global internet abuse case.
i just had the exact same problems when i used my other computer. which was recently restored to factory setting. so it can't be infected with anything. this makes me think it's a problem with comcast.net. could you please send someone over there to help them?

by now i'm sure everyone realizes that i am a true rebel and to prove it i have given up capitalization.
i think it's the root cause of self-importance and nationalism. that should have it's spelling changed to nationalizm to remind up of the nazi misunderstanding. you can also see that i am without nationality, though born in chicago. i think i may have osmosed that from thomas paine… way ahead of us all still.
he said that he was a 'citizen of the world.' me three.

i'm not in the mood to correct all of these capitals. by the way I_ArtMan is a device to express a triple entendre not an attempt at self-agrandisement. i do love myself but not in the way you might think.

anyway, i found one, a very recent poem at that just jumped into my vision. so it's late and here it is with all it's lovely capitals forced by word. someday maybe i can influence them to put a button in word to lowercase all selected text. but now i'm ranting. goodnight all. here is my last stroke until tomorrow.

The pure artist is a dedicated beast
Committed to a singular feast
i pledge freedom from any flag or policy of fear
The one god is life itself eternally
And the only devil is decay
Joy is the altar of his vision
Being itself is divine innocence
Blossoming and precipitously penultimate
The movement out explodes within
And the self dissolves in perception
Of sacred mysteries.

In the valley of and not to walk Ana’huac
In a lean and wispy bearded Pipinish adolescence
Tall in the mushroom vampire raincoat
I lived on sin and error, upon rare air,
pan dulce, café con leche and a cherry.
Mother’s milk for a distinguished vagabond
Known then as Adonis D’avignon
In search of derangement and vivifying adventures
In the real world.
Days squandered in Chapultapec
Nights interminable at the Noche y dia susreal art and
Sussurant sounds from my starving heart and flaming brains.
@ ~ ~
@ " )*D