having a good time is so much more global a phrase than having fun.
this essay will be a good time if i give something of my own. so to make up for this complaining feeling i am immersed in i will simply paste two of my 'venice' poems. i just know i will feel better.
hope you like them. i would be exonerated.lol


the present world in it's avariciousness
has so precluded beauty, truth and justice
that we three freethinkers are forced
to ponder the dilemma of humanity's demise
twenty-four hours a day

seers agree that even in the darkest age
imaginable, virtue's law is immutable
so stand on that my noble friends
the merit of character is eternal
and the measure of virtue is doing;
the rest is talk

Yes! Know that I walk in the clovered fields of Eden
Thoughtlessly radiating peace
Mindfully eating the honey of wisdom
See? The world is blooming with new spirits
A waterfall of souls
Streaming in two rivers
Into the city.
The city pulses with hungry insistence
But Eden breathes in and out
The city feeds the hungry
But Eden knows no hunger.
The food is the sun and the rain
The wheel of seasons rolling interminably on
Mornings and nights
Turning turning turning
Whither turnest thou world?
Hurry hurry hurry
Before it escapes you….. Eternity
Can we prepare not to miss it?
Ducks in a row
Bang! Bang bang bang!
Take your prize and go.

i close with a simple question….
how do you insert pictures in the journal?
i would be very grateful if someone technically adept would respond to this question. i am like a turtle on his back without being able to show pictures.