first i would like to point you to emily's journal entry called axiom angst. i enjoyed it. funny, it's the first one i read. this is my second day having fun with opera.
i read a few other journals which were not worth my eyestrain.
today i am just going to be very in the moment and tell about the spider.

today i caught the spider that's been biting me in my sleep for three weeks, seven in all. these bites start small in the morning and turn into volcanoes as big as a fifty cent piece. they hurt like hell. i took pictures of him today to verify what i think.
i think it's a 'brown recluse' which explains why i have never seen him until today.
he'll be sorry. i pinned him to a leaf outside with a needle and studied him for awhile. finally i put him out of his misery with some drops of alcohol. he died drunk. he had plenty of time to communicate to his family that they shouldn't bite me.