i really love my computer but i call it the 'wooley mammoth' because it's like wrestling with something which is constantly over-powering.
i'm not a programmer, just an artist. but when i discovered all the possiblilies of having a computer
i got hooked. with icq i can chat with people all over the world. with dreamweaver i built my own website hovering in cyberspace… it's a modern miracle.
from my point of view, always having struggled with managing a picture file. the computer is marvelous.
i can watch television through my computer, save movies, burn dvd's, capture images so easily.
at the moment however, i'm frustrated. i'm embroiled in trying to re-launch my web-pages after adding new work. dreamweaver is acting up. my host, 1and1.com, though really cheap sent me a disk that has messed up my internet explorer6. their program wise-ftp started misfiring.
so, after trying everything to get it to ftp the new pages…. i deleted it. government wipe just to be sure. lucky i have norton systemworks because half my images got deleted in the process.
anyway, now my explorer keeps going to blank pages which say they're done.
and my home page at comcast has no e-mail… it's a nightmare.
lucky i have microsoft office with outlook because i can download my e-mail and still stay in touch.
well, that's my first rant on computer savvy.
just for the record i am using a new hep pavillion764 with 112 gigabites and windows xp
if by chance some of these problems seem elementary to you and you know what might be wrong please help.
I_ArtMan 😎